Drilling Methods and Machines-Tech

Many types and sizes of drilling machines are used in manufacturing. They range in size from a simple bench mounted sensitive drill press to the large multiple-spindle machines able to drive many drills at the same time. Simple drill press: A simple drill press, shown below, may be floor-mounted, or have a shorter main post and […]

NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press-Tech

With a vast array of computer-controlled settings and a “smart” motor, the Voyager 18″ drill press from NOVA/Teknatool will certainly appeal to the technology geeks among us. And while I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to machinery, this drill press is undeniably cool. What’s most notable is the 13⁄4-horsepower “digital variable reluctance” […]


Hole in One “The quality of drill chucks vary and this has a huge impact on accuracy in holemaking. If your drill isn’t held securely, it will cause the bit to wobble and go off centre. We use Rohm chucks, which are known to be extremely accurate, precision made chucks. Even in the jaws, which […]