Hole in One “The quality of drill chucks vary and this has a huge impact on accuracy in holemaking. If your drill isn’t held securely, it will cause the bit to wobble and go off centre. We use Rohm chucks, which are known to be extremely accurate, precision made chucks. Even in the jaws, which […]

Best Bench-Top Drill Press Reviews

What to look for? A bench-top drill press (which is significantly more powerful than the cordless drill) can deliver a swing between 8 to 12 inches, which determines the width of the material that it can deal with. This amount of power is ample to successfully complete all construction jobs you may have around the house. […]

Best Drill Press in 2018?

What does a drill press do? The drill press enables you to use really large drill bits to bore wider holes. The best part is that you can do this repeatedly and with the exact same precision and size every time. The machine lets you do a variety of tasks safely and securely including: angled […]